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Sibling Magic

$35 per classNo purchase required to enroll
Learn all about how to support young siblings as they grow together.

The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time for a family! We will look at how to prepare before baby as well as the first few years of sibling-hood. Explore what this transition means for you. Develop ways to support your older child(ren) as they transition into a new role as the “big” sibling. And learn how to nurture your children’s unique relationship as they grow together.

This workshop is geared towards parents of children ages 5 years and under, however you came to be a family.

Topics will include:
-talking with your older child(ren) before the baby arrives
-introducing the baby
-regressions and other common behaviors
-setting your children up for strong relationships
-early sibling tensions and how to handle them