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First Foods: Navigating the Transition to Solids - A Workshop with Shira Sussi, MS RD CDN

$40 per classPurchase required to enroll

What and how you feed your baby from the beginning can shape their future taste preferences and attitude towards food. In this comprehensive infant feeding and nutrition workshop you’ll learn how, when and what to feed your baby to promote lifelong healthy nutrition behaviors.

The class will cover:

· When to start your baby on solids

· Spoon feeding vs baby-led feeding

· Portion sizes

· Nutritious foods to focus on (and what to avoid) during the first year

· Transitioning to complex textures

· Current recommendations on food allergies, and how to introduce high allergen foods

· Adverse reactions + how to handle them

· How to foster healthy eating habits and raise adventurous eaters

· Options for baby food: store bought, homemade, and subscription services

You’ll leave with the confidence and direction needed to embark on this milestone in a mindful and nutritious way. Best for parents looking to soon introduce baby to solid foods or a few months into their solids journey.

Non-crawling babies are welcome.

About the Teacher

Shira Sussi MS, RD, CDN is a Brooklyn-based registered dietitian, culinary enthusiast, nutrition expert, writer and mother. She is passionate about helping families nourish their bodies with real food and create healthy eating habits in the home.